Australian Camp Services

Company Profile

As a provider of remote site catering, camp management and support services, Australian Camp Services is experienced and passionate about delivering quality services to the mining, oil and gas, construction and civil industries in regional and remote locations across Australia. Australian Camp Services was founded in Australia in 2005, and has been supporting clients throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region since. No matter the company profile, project scope or budget, Australian Camp Services is committed to our clients. Our corporate office, management teams, and ground staff are all driven with the tenacity to produce outcomes that reward project timelines, improve efficiencies and deliver results.

Products and Services

Accommodation & village management
Catering & food service operations
Cleaning & janitorial services
Facilities management & maintenance
Wet mess & retail operations
Building & grounds maintenance
Procurement, transport


ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management;
ISO 45001:2018 - OHS Management;
TQCSI QHSE Code:2013 - QHSE Management; and
TQCSI HACCP Code:2003 - Food Safety Management.
ISO14001:2015 - Environmental Management