Flexible Australia

Contact Details

Head Office

101 Underwood Street
Oaks Estate ACT 2620

1300 353 999
+61 407 400 847

ABN  76165487669

Company Profile

Flexible Australia is a Canberra-based business operating from Oaks Estate in the ACT. We provide specialist infrastructure maintenance services to support the network of storm water and sewer systems in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. Flexible Australia provides agencies, businesses, the plumbing industry, consultants, and facilities mangers with specialised services, including CCTV surveying of drains, sewers, pipework, concealed sumps, and tanks, Vacuum of fluids or solids, High-pressure surface cleaning and Hydro excavation. The business provides Emergency Services with 24/7 emergency response for spills, flooding, and clean up. We operate a specialised fleet of Kaiser combination water recycling units and high-pressure vacuum trucks. These vehicle mounted systems can suck up vast quantities of dry goods and fluids. Dry materials are contained on board and can be transferred to landfill or other storage areas.

Products and Services

Sewer and stormwater maintenance and cleaning
Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) maintenance and cleaning
CCTV surveying of conduit systems and structures
Smoke testing and leak detection in closed systems
Vacuum eduction (uploading) of fluids or solids from access structures, industrial locations, or municipal infrastructure
High-pressure surface cleaning of pedestrian areas, spillage areas, or trauma sites
Hydro excavation for service locating and of inaccessible or high-risk sites to prevent damage to in-ground services