Health STEM Solutions T/A Medical Physics Specialists

Company Profile

Medical Physics Specialists is dedicated to providing radiation safety and medical physics consultancy for diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology providers. As a unit of Health STEM Solutions, the MPS service emphasises effective communication and translation between clinical, technical and business needs and priorities. We provide pragmatic and practical advice with the utmost integrity and place a highly value on the personal professional reputations of our consultants. The MPS approach is to closely integrate with your team. We take a flexible, patient centric approach to service delivery that understands business and operational needs. We work closely with organisations to design a customised service package that best suits their needs. We strongly encourage and support facilities to aim for beyond regulatory minimums and in this we are your partners in best practice.

Products and Services

Radiation Shielding Design
Radiation Safety Standard Compliance Testing
Medical Physicist Dose Calculations & Incidents