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Company Profile

INTREX has been active since December 1987. Since that time, INTREX has represented companies and products and undertaken Marketing and Consulting projects; mainly in Asia Australia and New Zealand. We are the exclusive agent for two big international brands; Tenmat and Vulcan Refractories. TENMAT is an industry leading manufacturer of a diversified range of exceptional materials and components including composite wear parts and bearing materials, high temperature resistant materials, engineering ceramics, hard metals, and passive fire protection materials. Vulcan Refractories has been in operation and working in the challenging world of refractories offering constructive refractory solutions since 1969. The aim is to help customers to explore new product possibilities, reduce overall operating costs, improve plant availability, reduce inventory and maintain and improve margins. Some of our clients include Anaconda, BHP, FMG, Comalco, Alcan, Alcoa and New Zealand Aluminium Smelter.

Products and Services

TENMAT Bearings and Wear Parts including FEROFORM, FEROGLIDE and RAILKO.
TENMAT High Temperature Materials.
TENMAT Passive Fire Protection products.
Vulcasil A Alumina Silicate materials with alumina content to 50%.
Vulcasil AI High purity bubble alumina for hot face linings at high temperatures up to 1850c in atmospheres containing hydrogen. Standard and special shapes.
Vulcasil H High Alumina products with alumina content up to 99.5% and low silica.
Vulcasil S Silicon Carbide materials bonded with mullet, oxide, or silicon nitride.
Vulcasil SN A range of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide materials.
Vulcasil Z Zirconia an zircon based materials.
Vulcasil Zerox silicon nitride bounded silicon carbide refractory.


IS09001 : 2015