TP Group plc

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Apex Plaza
Forbury Road
Reading England
United Kingdom RG1 1AX

+44 175 285800

Company Profile

TP Group is a professional services and technology partner that works with platform builders and prime contractors on mission-, business- and safety-critical systems and equipment. This work delivers key capability in global defence, space, intelligence & security and energy sectors.

In the defence sector, TP Group has a 75-year heritage in habitation systems, delivering crew life support to navies throughout Europe and Asia to support crew environments in compact spaces, primarily on board submarines.

TP Group employs approximately 400 people in six European countries, has delivered to over 30 countries across the various applications and sectors we support, from a manufacturing space in excess of 100,000 square feet, much of it approved to List-X security standards and with recognised Centres of Excellence in a number of disciplines that support the integrated delivery approach.