3JL Watertrans ( Trading as Scott Roadways)

Contact Details

Workshop Depot Office

1833 Dalby Cecil Plains Road

St Ruth QLD 4405

+61 7 4663 2112
+61 427 577 782
+61 7 4663 2118
ABN  67158155876

Company Profile

At Scott Roadways we pride ourselves on having well-presented and extensively maintained equipment to keep us at the fore front of our competitors. All of our equipment runs under the NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme) under Maintenance Management and Fatigue Management which enables our company to keep our equipment in the field for as long as possible. We have additional equipment so there is no down time in the field for our servicing and maintenance schedules. We employee six fully qualified diesel fitters/mechanic's as Driver Operators at our Company, who combined have over 35 years' experience with, all types of earth moving equipment and transport within the oil, gas and civil construction industries. They carry out day to day Maintenance both in the field and at our workshop/depot located at Nardoo St. Ruth-Dalby. We also have access to our other depot located at Roma. All of the companies' vehicles (heavy and light) meet all on site vehicle requirements.

Products and Services

Scott Roadways has a vast array of equipment specializing in:
Rig Mobilization and support and all day to day Oil and Gas Field Logistics' including Hot Shots.
Vac Tanker Operations
Dust suppression
Bulk water and gravel haulage and storage
Wide Loads and Pilot Escorts