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4 Boileau Street
Keysborough VIC 3173
+61 3 9798 7450
+61 3 9798 7100

ABN  79006314405

Company Profile

Since 1974 SafeMate ANTI SLIP has proudly been an Australian family owned and operated business, and to this day remains a leader and innovator in nonslip floor, stair and ladder technologies. All anti-slip products are manufactured to strict ISO 9001 & American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) quality standards. Our mission is to provide quality products and services that meet individual client needs by providing cost effective, preventative solutions to slips, trips and falls. SafeMate’s anti-slip products are specifically developed for use in the harshest environments imaginable.  SafeMate can be found in many of the world’s oil and gas facilities, ships, Airports, industrial complexes, mines, food manufacturing plants and large infrastructure projects.

Products and Services

Antislip flooring
Antislip grille covers
Antislip ladder rung covers
Antislip safeplate
Antislip stair nosing's
Antislip stair capping's & systems
Tactile Indicators
Architectural Non-slip Solutions


ISO 9001:2008

AS/NZS 4586: 2004 

ASTM D2047-04 standards

ABS Type Approval 14-HS1298722-PDA

Avetta Consortium Member