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Company Profile

MontiPower is the exclusive partner of the Monti Group who were established in 1987 by Werner Montabaur in Bonn, Germany. We are proud to be a Platinum Partner of Monti Group, providing dedicatedservice to clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. Monti has been synonymous with surface preparation for over 30 years. Commencing in the automotive industry, Monti has continued to invent and develop innovative tools for surface preparation, whichare today used throughout many and varied industries. Partnering globally with asset owners, contractors and coating suppliers, Monti is dedicated to improving the performance of coatings through best practice surface preparation, thereby increasing the lifeof assets. We are a supplier of Bristle Blaster, MBX, Die Blaster and Vinyl Zapper. We provide surface preparation solutions to ensure superior coating performance,resulting in reduced maintenance requirements.

Products and Services

Bristle Blaster
Bristle Blaster Subsea
MBX Metal Blaster
Die Blaster
Vinyl Zapper
Cleantech Prepper