Arafura Tree Services and Consulting Pty Ltd

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139 Mckinnon Road
Pinelands NT 0828
+61 8 8947 4377
+61 429 498 074
+61 8 8947 4331

ABN  58603040517

Company Profile

Arafura Tree Services is a locally owned and operated company that provides quality and professional tree care to the Northern Territory. We specialise in the availability of qualified local arborists that can complete all on site tree surgery as well as consultancy and reporting requirements. We are committed to caring for the environment. Correct pruning techniques ensure the longevity of a tree and maintain an aesthetically pleasing amenity for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, when trees are incorrectly pruned, over time they become a safety hazard and require removal. We are members of the Australian Tree Contractors Association (TCAA). All pruning work is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4373. Our consultants use the internationally recognised Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) system. We are fully insured and have NT Contractors Accreditation Limited (CAL) certification.

Products and Services

Consulting and arboreal reporting, including school hazard assessments and submissions to communities and councils
Tree Surgery, including crown reductions, dead wooding, formative and corrective pruning
Tree removals, stump grinding and revegetation
Bobcat and landscaping services
Chemical treatment and weed spraying


ISO 9001:2015 (Global Group Reg #52Q17895)