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Head Office

Unit 6
3 Sutherland Street

Clyde NSW 2142
+61 2 9637 5830

ABN  61080595919

Other Locations

Brisbane QLD

Company Profile

Plateway is an innovative railway engineering and management consultancy offering a wide range of skills and experience across various railway management and engineering disciplines. We have excelled in delivery of complex projects through the use of cutting-edge technology, modern project management processes and the application of a wide range of professional skill sets enabling a holistic approach to infrastructure asset management. The company has been in business since 1997 and operates Australia wide.

Products and Services

Rail infrastructure design and development;
Railway project management, engineering and operating disciplines;
Railway cost modelling, budgeting and proposal/tender preparation;
Railway network simulation using the OpenTrack simulation software;
Service design using the Viriato strategic network timetabling planning system;
System haulage capacity assessment;
Railway service performance analysis;
OpenTrack, Viriato and CLIP software distributors for Asia Pacific region;
Asset condition inspection and assessment;
Asset renewal and maintenance work program development;
Engineering surveying and aerial 3D imagery;
Contract management and strategy selection;
Auditing and review of contract performance;
Management system audits and development;
Technical Standards Assessment;
Incident Investigation.


Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator
Corporate Member PWI of NSW