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Head Office

3 Sutherland Street
Unit 6

Clyde NSW 2142
+61 2 9637 5830
+61 2 9637 6350

ABN  61080595919

Other Locations

Brisbane QLD

Company Profile

Plateway Pty Ltd has been providing management and civil engineering consultancy to the rail industry since 1997. We are an innovative railway engineering and management consultancy offering a wide range of skills and experience across various railway management areas.

Products and Services

Rail infrastructure design
Railway management in engineering and operating disciplines;
Railway operational modelling and software;
Railway cost modelling, budgeting, cost estimates and proposal/tender preparation;
Contract management and strategy selection;
Auditing and review of contract performance;
Acting as superintendent and clients representative for contracts;
Asset condition inspection and assessment;
Asset renewal and maintenance work program development;
Management system audits and development covering Occupational Health, Safety & Rehabilitation, Quality, Environmental and Rail Safety Management together with their application to individual contract and project management plans;
Technical Standards Assessment;
Incident Investigation;
System haulage capacity assessment;
Railway service performance analysis;
OpenTrack, OpenPowerNet, Viriato and CLIP software distributors for Asia Pacific region;
Aerial imagery in 2D and 3D;
Engineering surveying.