ICN Gateway Major Projects and Opportunities

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Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub Limited (Development of a facility)
Number of work packages : 40

The ARM Hub is an agile world-leading technology centre in robotics and design-led manufacturing. Headquartered in Brisbane, the ARM Hub provides access to the most tightly woven network of research institutions, facilities and smart commercial companies in the region.

AIR 6500
Number of work packages : 9

AIR6500 Phase 1 Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS) will form the core architecture of the future ADF
Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) capability to improve the accuracy and speed of ADF systems’
response to air and missile threats in the future (2025+,) in order to protect deployed forces whilst increasing levels
of interoperability with Coalition partners. JABMS will ensure that future ADF IAMD capabilities will have the
flexibility for further enhancement to handle more complex threats that may emerge in the future.

AIR6500 Joint Battle Management and Integrated Air and Missile Defence System
Number of work packages : 15

Australia’s Defence Department will procure a sophisticated Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C4I) system to fuse information from multiple sources. This will enable coordination of military forces and a more timely operational response, providing the comprehensive situational awareness required for integrated air and missile defence of the nation.

Airbus - Space
Number of work packages : 14

Airbus is seeking to grow its Space portfolio in Australia and New Zealand, integrating the capability and skill of local companies into its success.

AMENTUM Projects
Number of work packages : 17

Amentum is a premier, global government and private-sector partner whose experience, passion and purpose drive mission success.

Ammonia Expansion Project
Number of work packages : 4

Subject to material conditions precedent and final approvals, CSBP Ltd is exploring the expansion
of its existing ammonia production facilities through the development of an adjoining ammonia
plant at its Kwinana site (Project).

Anglo American - Aquila Project
Number of work packages : 12

The objective of the Aquila Project (Project) is to convert the previous Aquila bord and pillar mine located at the Capcoal mining complex in Central Queensland’s Bowen Basin, to a longwall operation.  The Project aims to deliver a medium seam longwall operation targeting the Aquila and Aquila Lower coal seams to produce hard coking coal.

APA Group Northern Territory Operations and Projects
Number of work packages : 1

APA Group is one of Australia’s leading energy infrastructure businesses, owning and operating the largest interconnected gas transmission network across the country.

Arrow Energy
Number of work packages : 18

Arrow Energy is currently exploring a number of Greenfield and Brownfield opportunities.

Arrowis an integrated coal seam gas (CSG) company that explores and develops gas fields, produces and sells CSG and generates electricity.

Arrow is owned by a 50/50 joint venture partnership between Shell and PetroChina.


ASC Pty Ltd - Supplier, Capability and Innovation Portal
Number of work packages : 80

ASC is seeking suppliers, including Small to Medium Enterprises, to work to continue to deliver world benchmark capability.