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Welcome to the ICN hub for Fortescue Metals Group projects.

Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue) is now consistently producing more than 170 million tonnes of iron ore per year and has an exciting future ahead, establishing itself for future growth in a global market through innovation, product diversification and asset development.

Fortescue is a global leader in the iron ore industry, recognised for its unique culture, innovation and industry-leading development of world class infrastructure and mining assets in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Since it was founded in 2003, Fortescue has discovered and developed major iron ore deposits and constructed some of the most significant mines in the world. The Company is focussed on its vision of being the safest, lowest cost, most profitable mining company.

Fortescue owns and operates integrated operations spanning three mine sites in the Pilbara, the five berth Herb Elliott Port in Port Hedland and the fastest, heavy haul railway in the world. A natural extension of Fortescue’s supply chain, the fleet of eight Fortescue Ore Carriers were designed to complement the industry best practice efficiency of Fortescue’s port.

As the first Company in Western Australia to control a railway from outside the region of operation and the first Company in the world to use CAT autonomous haulage technology on a commercial scale, Fortescue is continuing to introduce cutting edge technology across the business.

The world-leading Eliwana mine and rail project will build on Fortescue’s development and construction capability, utilising the latest technology, autonomous trucks and design efficiency. Innovation in exploration, process and design is a key component of Fortescue’s strategy to efficiently and effectively deliver products from mine to market.

Fortescue’s longstanding relationships with customers in China have grown from the first commercial shipment of iron ore in 2008, to now being a core supplier of China’s seaborne iron ore and expanding into markets including Japan, South Korea and India.

Fortescue has been recognised as the lowest cost provider of seaborne iron ore into China based on Metalytics Resource Sector Economics analysis.

The Company continues to assess exploration and development opportunities throughout South America including Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina.

Fortescue is committed to its strategic goals of ensuring balance sheet strength and flexibility, investing in the core long term sustainability of the business while pursuing growth options and delivering returns to shareholders.

As a proud West Australian Company, Fortescue values its relationship with key stakeholders by working together to positively manage and create opportunities for Aboriginal people, support communities, protect the environment and strengthen the broader Australian economy.


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