T9.08-2 E1 Pipes, Fittings & Fixtures and Associated Products & Services

  Location: NSW, Australia

Opportunity Details

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invites tenders for Standing Offers to supply one or more of the following:

Category One – Urban Water Supply, incorporating plumbing and civil - Pipes, fittings and fixtures and Associated Products and Services

Category Two – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) - Pipes, fittings and fixtures and Associated Products and Services

Category Three – Storm, Waste Water and Sewerage Management including Precast Concrete Products and Associated Products and Services

Category Four – Pumps and Associated Products and Services

This request for tender provides an opportunity for additional parties to be appointed as approved panel members. (This process does not affect existing panel members and they do not need to lodge new tender submissions.)

Obtaining Documentation:  Tender documents may be obtained by registering via the E-Tendering Portal: www.tenderlink.com/lgp.  If you experience difficulties accessing the above website please call the Tenderlink helpdesk on 1800 233 533.  Note that the Tender documents are expected to be available from Tuesday 4 February 2014.

A non-refundable fee of $88.00 dollars (incl. GST) which must be prepaid for the documents.  Tenderlink will accept payment using most of the leading brand credit cards.

Requests for General Information Regarding the Tender:  Please contact Marie Talevska, phone 02 8270 8700 (fax 02 8270 8711; email: tenderteam@lgp.org.au )

Deadline:  Tenders close at 2pm on Friday 28 February 2014

Lodgement:  Submissions should be lodged in the Electronic Tender Box on this website www.tenderlink.com/lgp by the time and date nominated. Late, emailed or facsimiled submissions will not be accepted.

A Non-Mandatory Tender Briefing:  A non-mandatorytender briefing will be held at 10 am on Tuesday 11 February 2014 at a Sydney CBD location to be provided upon registering. All interested parties are strongly encouraged to attend.  Interested parties should pre-register attendance by registering at https://lgp.wufoo.com/forms/t9082-extension-1-tender-briefing/  Please note that registrations close at 4pm, Monday 10 February 2014.

Requests for General Information Regarding the Tender:  
Marie Talevska
T: 02 8270 8709 
E: tenderteam@lgp.org.au